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Center Staff and Fellows

Senior Research Staff

Norman A. Constantine, PhD, Program Director and Senior Research Scientist

Carmen R. Nevarez, MD, MPH, Senior Advisor; PHI Vice President for External Relations and Preventive Medicine Advisor

Petra Jerman , PhD, MPH, Research Scientist (2007-2015)

Nancy Berglas, DrPH, Research Scientist (2009-2015)

Francisca Angulo-Olaiz, PhD, Research Scientist (2009-2013)

Jessica Lin, MPH, Research Associate (2010-2015)

Recent Fellows and Interns

Leena Singh, MPH, Ford Foundation Research Fellow (2013-2015)

Sara Silverio-Marques, DrPH, Ford Foundation Research Fellow (2011-2014)

Summer Starling, MPH, Ford Foundation Research Fellow (2012-2014)

Margreet deLooze, PhD, Universiteit Utrech; Ford Foundation Visiting Research Fellow (2012)

Ahna Suleiman, DrPH, Ford Foundation Research Fellow (2010-2011)

Kimberly Garcia, MPH, Intern/Research Associate (2012-2014)

Jill Eversole, MPH, Intern/Research Associate (2013-2014)

Aubrey Daquiz, MPH Intern/Research Associate (2011-2013)

Bret Augsjoost, MPH, Intern/Research Associate (2011-2013)

Maria Carmago, MPH Intern/Research Associate (2012)

Zosha Kaya Kandell, BS, Intern/Research Assistant (2013-2014)

Center Associates

Luanne Rohrbach, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, USC Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research, Co-PI for PPLA Sexuality Education Initiative Randomized Trial

Eva Goldfarb, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences, Montclair State University