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Kimberly Garcia, Research Associate

Kimberly Garcia is a Research Associate and Ford Foundation Research Intern with PHI's Center for Research on Adolescent Health and Development. She provides administrative, organizational, and research support to efforts related to adolescent sexual health and rights. She is currently working on a content analysis study of sex education websites geared towards adolescents.

Garcia developed an interest in adolescent health during her undergraduate studies at McMaster University. One of her projects involved the evaluation of access to primary health care services for street-involved and homeless youth, as part of a federally funded community-based participatory research project with the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton. She has also worked in an HIV outpatient clinic where she assisted with qualitative research to develop a program for HIV-positive women. In her most recent position, she was a research coordinator for health services research and knowledge translation at McMaster University. She was responsible for the systematic review of knowledge translation tools, as well as a mixed methodology project investigating the concept of uncertainty in health policy decision making.

Garcia received a bachelor of health sciences from McMaster University and is currently pursuing a master of public health at the University of California, Berkeley.