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Positively Speaking HIV Prevention Program Statewide Evaluation

Funding Agency: California Department of Education, School Health Connections Office, and California Department of Health Services, Office of AIDS

Dates: 1999-2001

Staff: Norm Constantine (principal evaluator), Jana Kay Slater, Kathleen Curry, Jeannie Huh-Kim

(This project was based at WestEd in collaboration with PHI). The Positively Speaking program, funded since 1992 by the California Department of Health Services Office of AIDS and the California Department of Education School Health Connections Office, is a collaboration among 35 agencies throughout California to select, train, support, and schedule HIV positive and affected speakers for presentations in elementary through high school classrooms and at community events. During the 1998-1999 school year, more than 100,000 California students attended Postively Speaking presentations.

The evaluation has involved participant ratings of two-day speaker training sessions, and speaker and teacher ratings of in-class presentations, while a comprehensive outcome evaluation involving a randomized design is currently is underway. A grounded-theory qualitative study also is under development to investigate students' experiences of receiving Positively Speaking presentations.

Download outcomes study design summary (PDF document)