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Polly Klaas Foundation Response Delivery System Evaluation

Funding Agency: Polly Klaas Foundation

Dates: 2004- 2005

Staff: Jana Kay Slater (principal evaluator), Norm Constantine

The Polly Klaas Foundation is a national nonprofit that helps find missing children and prevents children from going missing in the first place. The Foundation accomplishes these goals by promoting public policies, educating the public, and providing families, law enforcement and communities with the ongoing support and expertise needed to protect their children. Since its founding in 1993, The Foundation has used its compassion, experience and professionalism to help more than 4,500 families find missing children.

PHI is conducting an evaluation of The Foundation's response delivery system. This comprehensive evaluation will provide information to document and strengthen the organization's effectiveness in finding missing children and providing education to enhance child safety. Issues to be investigated include:

  • community knowledge about and perception of PKF services;
  • efficiency and effectiveness of response delivery procedures;
  • client satisfaction with crisis services (e.g., caseworkers, hotline) and education services (e.g. website, safety kit);
  • characteristics of children and families served;
  • effects on family systems, as related to parental abduction
  • relationships with Law Enforcement Agencies; and
  • effectiveness of the RADKids self-defense program.

The purpose of the evaluation is to provide guidance to the PKF as well as to other child-find organizations regarding effective practices for finding missing children and preventing their abductions.