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Implementation Evaluation of the WAVE Methamphetamine Prevention Project

Funding Agency: Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

Dates: 2003- 2004

Staff: Jana Kay Slater (principal evaluator), Norm Constantine

PHI is conducting an implementation evaluation of the WAVE project (Watching Anderson Valley Excel), a community collaborative intended to strengthen methamphetamine prevention infrastructure at the individual, family, school and community levels in Anderson Valley, California. Funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, the Mendocino County Department of Public Health's Division of Alcohol and Other Drug Programs is working together with the Anderson Valley Unified School District, law enforcement, and community-based organizations to strengthen methamphetamine prevention by:

  • Promoting youth development by initiating a multi-faceted high school peer assistance program, offering after school activities focused on youth development, and providing family support and involvement opportunities for at-risk youth.
  • Providing training for teachers, parents, local law enforcement, and institutionalizing school and community efforts.
  • Conducting outreach and education on meth hazards with farm worker families.

In its first year, the evaluation will collect qualitative data via interviews, focus groups, and observation to address, among others, the following key questions:

  • Which factors impede and which support this collaborative project?
  • Which support factors will help sustain the collaboration throughout the project and beyond?
  • Which prevention infrastructure systems need to be permanently in place to facilitate healthy lifestyles for Anderson Valley youth?
  • What can the school and community do to support and sustain these systems?

In years two and three, the evaluation will look at program effectiveness in reducing methamphetamine and other drug use and in increasing student assets and resiliency.