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Sacramento County AIDS Prevention Program Evaluation

Funding Agency: Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services

Dates: 2001-2004

Staff: Norm Constantine (principal evaluator), Jana Kay Skater (evaluation director), Andrea Argawal (research associate), Mieko Davis (research associate)

This is a participatory and utilization-focused evaluation of Sacramento County's multi-component AIDS prevention program. The primary components being addressed are the Education and Prevention Program, the People of Color Initiative, the Social Marketing Campaign, and the NIGHT program. The first phase of this evaluation studies the implementation of seven community-based AIDS prevention programs in Sacramento County. Qualitative data are systematically collected and analyzed to examine a variety of implementation dimensions and issues, including gaps in services, program fidelity to scope of work, program use of a continuous improvement process, and collaboration across funding streams. Data are analyzed using the Miles and Huberman methodology of cross-site qualitative data analysis, involving both within-site and cross-site analyses and comparisons. Recommendations will be made to the individual community-based programs, the county AIDS program committee, and the county supervisors.

Evaluation report:

Slater, J. K. & Constantine, N. A. (2002). Multi-Site Implementation Evaluation of the Sacramento County HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Program. Berkeley, CA: Public Health Institute.