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Developmental and Randomized Evaluation of the Planned Parenthood Los Angeles Sexuality Education Initiative

Funding Agency: Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, with support from multiple foundations and individual donors

Dates: 2008-2014

Staff: Norm Constantine (principal investigator), Luanne Rohrbach (USC, co-principal investigator), Petra Jerman (research scientist), Nancy Berglas (research scientist), Francisca Olaiz (cultural anthropologist), Gaylene Gunning (data collection manager), Jessica Lin (research associate), Mona Desai (qualitative researcher)


The Public Health Institute's (PHI) Center for Research on Adolescent Health and Development, in collaboration with the USC Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research, is conducting a formative, developmental, and randomized evaluation of the Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles (PPLA) Sexuality Education Initiative Demonstration Project. The goals of this project are to improve and expand effective comprehensive sexual health education in Los Angeles and other school districts to help reduce the number of teen births and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among youth and to improve other aspects of adolescent sexual health. The initiative takes a youth rights and responsibilities approach, and includes four primary components: classroom curriculum, parent education component, peer advocacy component, and clinic integration component. This demonstration is intended to provide a replicable model to LAUSD, the 93 other school districts in Los Angeles County, and other school districts across the state and the country.

Program Overview

Logic Model

Randomized Design Plan